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Active Member Requirements:
  • Attend at least 2 official conferences per year (preferably 1 per semester)​​

  • Attend all meetings and filled out the absence form if unable to attend a meeting

  • Adhere to DVMUN guidelines and rules

  • Receive no more than 1 strike

Petition to Change Status Form: 

  • Form linked below

  • Can petition to change one of the strikes received

  • Those who have received 2 strikes will not be able to compete with DVMUN during the spring semester

Strike System:
  • Members who violate DVMUN guidelines or rules are given 1 strike per violation, which include but are not limited to the following:

    • Dropping conferences late (even if you paid the drop fee)​

    • Constantly ignoring officers' attempts to contact

    • Unexcused absence at pre-conference meetings

    • Inappropriate behavior at meetings or conferences

  • Members who receive 2 or more strikes cannot qualify as an active member 

Delegate Status Requirements

Novice Delegate
  • New to DVMUN or do not meet the requirements to be Advanced Delegate

  • Attended less than 3 official MUN conferences

Advanced Delegate
  • Been an active member of DVMUN for at least a year

  • Attended at least 3 official MUN conferences

  • Missed no more than 3 club meetings within the last year

  • Won an award at an official conference

*Mock conferences hosted by DVMUN are not considered official MUN conferences
Varsity Delegate
  • Meets the Advanced Delegate Requirements

  • Won an award above Verbal Commendation in at least 2 official MUN conferences

  • Specifically selected by the DVMUN Officer Board to be a member of the Varsity roster

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