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Learn diplomacy and how to be a leader in a professional environment.


Be more aware of real-world issues and gain a new perspective on real-world issues.


Learn how to outline speeches, be more assertive, and include emotion in your speeches


Team bonding events all the time! ( Taco Bell!!!!) Build friendships and meet a whole bunch of amazing people.


1. Join DVMUN Facebook Group


Facebook group is one of our primary communication methods. All DVMUN announcements are posted in this group. Make sure you create a Facebook profile if you don't already have one and check your Facebook notifications regularly!

2. Join DVMUN Remind


By joining the DVMUN Remind, you will receive text notifications sent by our officers regarding any urgent announcements and last-minute reminders. ​This is a great way to receive notifications when deadlines are approaching.

To join, text @mundv to 81010

3. Follow us on Instagram

We make a recap post of every conference we compete at and post lots of stories during competition weekend. Feel free to look around our Instagram and get a sense of what the DVMUN community looks like.


4. Join Google Classroom


We use Google Classroom to collect assignments during and outside of meetings so our officers can provide each delegate personalized feedback for each assignment. Make sure you join the right Google Classroom based on your experience level.

Beginner Delegates Google Classroom Code TBD

Advanced Delegates Google Classroom Code TBD

5. Welcome to DVMUN!


In order to ensure member engagement and active learning, we require all of our members to attend all team meetings with up to 2 excused absences per semester. Please make sure you show up to meetings on time and are prepared to learn and practice. See you at the next meeting!

Weekly meetings are held every Thursday 4:15-5:15 in the DVHS Library. 

Last-minute changes to meeting time could occur once in a while due to testing, holidays, and other reasons. Please make sure you join the DVMUN Facebook Group and Remind in order to not miss any important announcements.

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