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Secretary General

Sidharth is a senior, and this is his fourth year on the DVMUN team. He loves MUN because of the opportunities it provides to learn about and find solutions to global issues, as well as improve one’s public speaking skills. One of the most compelling aspects of MUN that he enjoys the most is balancing diplomacy and strategy in committee. Additionally, he loves the open atmosphere of MUN and having the chance to meet new people and have a fun time with friends.

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USG of Internal Affairs

Shreyas is a senior, and this is his fourth year on the DVMUN team. He loves MUN because of how he can see the world's geopolitical landscape come alive in committee, and because he can solve pressing issues. Additionally, Shreyas loves that the DVMUN team is an open environment in which he can not only have compelling debates but also have a fun time with friends and fellow team members. If you ever have the opportunity to be on a crisis committee with Shreyas, he wishes you luck.

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USG of Finance

Tanvi is a senior, and joined MUN as a sophomore. MUN has helped her become more comfortable with public speaking and the environment within the club is very encouraging towards newcomers. Her favorite thing about MUN would be the travel conferences and spending time with other members! She is excited to be an officer next year and can’t wait to meet all the new people.

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USG of Logistics & Communications

Shirin is a senior and has been in Model United Nations for four years. Shirin enjoys Model UN because it gives her the opportunity to interact and form genuine bonds with people from all corners of the globe. Through MUN, she is able to take action against critical issues and view global topics from the perspective of diverse cultures and governments.

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Internal Training Director

Akash is a senior and this is his third year doing MUN. Akash loves doing MUN because it has helped him become a better public speaker and provided him with lots of opportunities to learn about important global issues. He also loves how tight-knit the team is and has lots of fun with friends in the club.

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External Training Director

Shreya is a senior and this is her fourth year in MUN. MUN has helped Shreya gain a lot more confidence in herself and her speaking abilities. MUN has taught her a lot about sounding compelling and impactful, which has helped her with her speaking outside of the club. Shreya is very excited to help all the newcomers this year find their voice!

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Assistant Training Director

Shreyes is a junior and this will be his second year in MUN. Shreyes loves MUN because it helps with public speaking/debate skills, and talks about global issues and ways to solve them. In addition, MUN has helped him connect with new people in the club and at many conferences. In his free time, Shreyes loves to play basketball, video games, and hang out with friends.

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Assistant Training Director

Ananya is a junior, and this is her second year participating in MUN. She loves MUN because she gets to interact with delegates from around the country and often sees familiar faces in committee. She is excited to attend travel conferences and meet new people in DVMUN this year.



Club Advisor

Mr. Somerville has been the DVMUN advisor for the past 4 years. If he had to choose, his favorite part about being a club advisor would be watching the members grow over the season. A close second would be the level of preparation members put into finding solutions to major world issues. MUN brings students from all over the world together in ways that no other school group can. Regardless of the competitive nature of conferences, the comradery and bonds formed will last a lifetime.

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