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SBMUN 2019



Jade W. & Owen S. Representing Canada,

Honorable Mention

Joyce W. & Vivian K. Representing Israel,

Honorable Mention

Tanirika S. & Shrey M. Representing USA,

Best Research

Rebuilding Syria

Wanzhu Z. Representing Mike Pompeo, Best Research & Verbal Commendation

Abhinav V. Representing Abdurrahman Mustafa, Outstanding Delegate


Gabe L. Representing Thailand, Best Delegate

Micol Z. Representing Japan, Honorable Mention

JCC India

Shrinidhi G. Representing Shriman Narayan, Best Delegate

Jaanavi T. Representing Sardar Swaran Singh , Outstanding Delegate

JCC Pakistan

Garima S. Representing Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, Honorable Mention

Pujitha N. Representing Golam Wahed Chaudry, Outstanding Delegate and Best Research


Sriram Ganesan G. Representing Chad Nackers, Honorable Mention

Amritha R. Representing Alex Jones,Best Delegate

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